About Primus Services

Primus Services is dedicated to effectively serving customers with their infrastructure, technology data and security, personnel assets and by providing ongoing training, support and consulting. We recognize that each customer has aspects and attributes which must be understood in order to craft solutions which deliver optimal results. We design our services to complement, augment, and leverage the resources, competencies, and objectives of our clients which provide for the most cost-effective and efficient means to achieve their desired business outcomes. Our value includes both the technical experience of the experts we employ and the processes and procedures by which we deliver our services.

Primus Services is the parent company of Cybriant.

Cybriant specializes in cybersecurity and assists companies in making informed business decisions and sustaining operational effectiveness in the design, implementation, and management of their cybersecurity programs.  Above all, we deliver a comprehensive and customizable set of strategic and adaptive cybersecurity services. These services address the entire security landscape.

These services include assessment and planning, testing and hunting, SIEM management and security monitoring, perimeter and endpoint protection, and secure cloud networking.  Cybriant also delivers support services for the secure maintenance, relocation, and disposition of physical and data assets.  We make enterprise-grade cybersecurity services accessible to the Mid-Market and beyond.

To find out more, go to www.cybriant.com.